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What materials are the metal garages made from?
What materials are the metal garages made from?
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The framing and base rail of all our metal structures are made with 14-gauge galvanized steel square tubing. The 14-gauge tubing is 2 1/2″ square.

If you want, you can upgrade the framing to 12-gauge galvanized steel tubing for an additional cost. The 12-gage tubing is a little thicker and stronger and is 2 1/4″ square. The 12-gauge tubing comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty.

All of the sheeting used for the roof and sides of your metal structure is 29-gauge steel sheeting which has a baked enamel finish and comes in your choice of 16 different colors.

In Florida, buildings come with a 26-gauge sheeting.

To learn more about the materials used to construct your metal building, see our metal building component visualizer.

All metal carports and garages come with a 1-year workmanship warranty from the date of installation.

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