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What is a certified carport?
What is a certified carport?
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In the southern states the metal carports and metal garages going on the cement come certified for 150 mph and 35 psf. Certified carports and metal garages come with blue print drawings which are rated for 150 mph wind rating and 35 psf snow load. Certified buildings come with blue print drawings which will be emailed to you upon your request within approximately 1 to 2 business days.

In the northern states all come certified automatically for 150 mph and 40 psf. The northern states do have an optional 12 ga 150 mph and 50 psf certified package if you are in a location that requires more than 40 psf roof load for an additional charge.

Florida comes certified for 150 mph wind rating. If you need a higher wind load in FL you can upgrade to the 170 mph wind rating.

Psf means pounds square foot which is referring to how many pounds per square foot the roof is rated for.

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